PodSessions with Mitch Fanning is Live! Here Are Sessions 1 and 2

Hell yeah – it’s finally here!

After thinking about starting a podcast for nearly two years PodSessions with Mitch Fanning is now live. Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking things, just start, and figure it out as you go.

For the launch, I’ve published two sessions.

Session 1: Why Struggle Is Good with Kari-Elmes-Fanning

Session 2: Discovering Your Path with Jodi Handrahan

I now have a really BIG important favour to ask, which I don’t do often:

1) Please listen to one or both sessions.

2) Then, PLEASE leave a review on iTunes.

3) Contact me to suggest a guest (okay this one’s optional).

I realize this is a lot to ask, but I will read EVERY review and, based on that feedback, use it to improve the show (it will also be the “oxygen” I use to keep me going).

Season 1: What to Expect

For Season 1, I’ll be putting out a total of 6 sessions. The first season effectively starts today and ends August 1, 2018. On average, I’ll release a session every 2 weeks (towards the end of a week).

I already have some amazing people lined up and ready to go, including a former all-star pro-athlete, an award-winning author, and a serial tech entrepreneur who (so far) has founded 3 multi-million dollar businesses.

Once the season has concluded, I’ll take the month of August off to review the results and begin preparations for Season 2, which should start sometime in September 2018.

Again, constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are welcome, whether on iTunes, Email, Twitter or Instagram (use hashtag #mitchcast). In fact, if you’re on Twitter and would like to help me “get the word” out please consider retweeting this. Thanks in advance :).

All that said, here are the first two sessions! I really hope you enjoy them.

Session 1: Why Struggle Is Good with Kari Elmes-Fanning

Untitled design 1

In this finding-my-feet session, Kari Elmes-Fanning (@xocuzinzboutique) and I share a few laughs (and tears) as we discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Why I started a podcast (and the advice I received)
  • What to expect from this podcast (and from season 1)
  • Why I decided to take a sabbatical (and my experience so far)
  • The challenges of starting something new (and why struggle is good)
  • Kari’s experience (and lessons) starting a women’s clothing boutique 11 years ago

Dive in, folks!

It’s the first session of PodSessions with Mitch Fanning!

Listen to it here, and please subscribe!

Session 2: Discovering Your Path with Jodi Handrahan

Untitled design

“99% of fish swim one way, 1% swim the other way, which fish are you?” – Jodi Handrahan

Jodi Handrahan (@naamijo) has been guiding, inspiring and coaching people to reach their highest potential for the past 21 years.

As a mindset coach, Naam Yoga Therapist and founder of Everyday Naam, Jodi uses her intuition and knowledge in a very practical way to help people from all walks of life.

Her passion for living a fun, adventurous, heart-centered life shines through in all that she does – including this conversation.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Listen to it here, and please subscribe!

Show Notes for Sessions 1 and 2

These notes only partially cover the conversations, but they will give you a taste.

Some Links From Session 1

Connect with Kari Elmes-Fanning: Instagram | Website

Session 2 Notes: Jodi Handrahan

During our conversation we discussed:

  • How Jodi discovered meditation and yoga at a young age
  • How she found her own path and overcome challenges by looking inward first
  • Her terrifying “incident” in Mexico (and what she learned from it)
  • Her experience with neurofeedback Brain training (and its benefits)

Some Links From Session 2

Connect with Jodi Handrahan: Instagram | Website

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