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Modulr’s Edwin Abl on Why MQLs are Irrelevant, Pipeline is a Vanity Metric & Sales Don’t Find Personas Useful.

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In episode 18, I sat down with Edwin Abl, CMO of Modulr a business payments platform company who is building a new digital payment service to make money flow more efficiently through both businesses and the economy.

For those not familiar with Edwin, he’s an experienced P&L leader in the EMEA and international SaaS software sector with deep expertise in revenue generation marketing, business development, enterprise sales, strategy and go-to-market partnerships.

Previously, Edwin led and built marketing at Appirio, Inc. (Global strategic partner of Salesforce.com, Workday and Google) in Europe – $30k – $133M pipeline growth in 4 years (acquired in 2016), helped scale Hive Learning’s marketing function (part of Blenheim Chalcot’s venture portfolio), co-founded 2 companies in the SaaS tech space and worked as a new business / go-to-market advisor to scaling startups.

Being CMO of Modulr, he is responsible for taking to market our unique API driven payments solution, building a team and scaling systemized processes. In his spare time provides mentorship on leadership, sales and marketing.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • Why MQLs are irrelevant
  • Why sales teams don’t find personas that useful
  • If someone should own the entire marketing and sales funnel
  • If Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) will replace the CMO role
  • How first-time CMOs should approach their first 100 days, present to a board, and build a world-class team
  • The one book Edwin gives all new hires


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