Mitch Fanning Chartered Marketer (CM)

I’m Chartered Marketer #125 – Join Me

I got into marketing, over 15 years ago, because I thought it was interesting and might also be a good outlet for my creative side in the business world. As my career evolved, I soon realized I had a passion for data, metrics, and analytics. Specifically, spotting the insights and opportunities in them.

However, despite this, a few things felt off.

First, there was always a part of me that felt like others – be it a client or a “non-marketing” colleague didn’t get marketing but just knew they or the company needed to do it. Moreover, even when metrics were available up until recently, they always felt like vanity metrics (i.e. “hits,” traffic, unique visits, sessions, leads, even MQLs).

Second, when I was in a social or even networking situation, and someone would ask what I did, throughout my career and depending on who was asking, I’d respond by either saying”

“I’m in marketing” or
“I’m a [marketing title] at [company] or
“I’m a B2B marketing consultant” or
“I [add personal unique value proposition].”

However, regardless of what I told them, they would either seem confused or if brave enough might follow up to ask for clarification or just say something like “oh, great” and that would be that. Then that same person would ask the next person beside me the same question, and they would respond with something like:

“I’m a tech entrepreneur” or
“I’m in venture capital” or
“I’m a lawyer” or
“I’m an engineer” or
“I’m an architect” or
“I’m an accountant.”

In which case the person asking would either immediately: 1) understand what they did or 2) be fascinated and would quickly ask a follow-up question not out of confusion but out of curiosity.

It always seemed like the “marketer” in the room never got any love :(.

Fortunately, this is all beginning to change from HubSpot’s inbound marketing movement to the Rise of the Revenue Marketer to Marketo’s most recent “Fearless Marketer” manifesto plus one oversized dose of MarTech, marketers are becoming relevant and dare I say even cool.

Moreover, despite all the chaos that surrounds the marketing profession be it tech advancements and short CMO tenures, for me, marketing has become even more interesting to me than when I first started back in 2000.

However, best of all, marketers (at least Canadian marketers) now have a peer group they can join. They can be a part of a professional community – a community of their peers and colleagues. But not just any community, one that can only be accessed if you’ve earned the right to be a part of it.

Members of this gang are called Chartered Marketers, and when you wear the patch of a Chartered Marketer, it carries weight. Currently, to be a CM, you have to prove that you are a senior marketer with over ten years of experience who has been battle tested and earned your stripes.

Now if you haven’t been “lucky” enough to slog through the marketing profession mud for 10+ years don’t fret. In 2019, for a few bucks, you’ll be able to take the CM program, which has nicely compressed all the essential skills and best practices you’ll need in your toolbelt to be a world-class marketer (something I would have gladly done earlier in my career if it were available back then).

However, more importantly, by becoming a CM you’ve committed to your profession and your professional development. You’ve committed to becoming a master practitioner at your craft, to become a world-class marketing professional and this is something the business world desperately needs.

That’s why I’m incredibly proud to announce that I have earned my Chartered Marketer designation with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and have become the 125th Chartered Marketer (CM) in Canada.

This designation demonstrates that the CMA recognizes me among Canada’s top marketing professionals. However, more than that, the CMA has begun a movement that I feel will help substantiate marketing’s value for both a company and in the boardroom.

The future of marketing in Canada looks bright.

Interested in learning more about the Chartered Marketer program? — Then check out the session I did with Stephen Ghigliotty, Director of Curriculum Development at the Canadian Marketing Association. During our conversation, we discussed the Chartered Marketer program, the topic of Infinite Learning & Advancing the Marketing Profession.


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