Marketing has one job, to grow revenue. Period.

– Mitch Fanning, Marketing Strategist and Advisor

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Mitch Fanning is a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience who specializes in helping private software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies grow revenues (translation: go beyond “initial traction or product-market fit” to “initial scale” using a revenue-focused marketing approach).

In just the past 10 years, Mitch has been the marketing leader for two technology companies who both experienced high double-digit annual revenue growth.  As a result, this earned them both a spot on the PROFIT 100 and 500 respectively – a list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies put out by Canadian Business each year.

Mitch has also been featured on several media outlets–including Ivey Business Journal, BOSS Magazine, CMS Connected, MarketingProfs, MarketingSherpa, Strictly Marketing, and MarTech Series, where he discussed all aspects of marketing – but specifically drove home the importance for marketers to be more “revenue-focused.”

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